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Eleven-year-old Dakota Fanning (not only a huge fan of Shirley Temple, but probably the only child actress who stands a chance of equalling her) came on stage carrying a little doll of Shirley Temple in a sailor suit. She put the doll up on the podium and said that it had been given to her by her mother, and that she was going to give it to her own daughter someday. You could tell that Dakota really loved Shirley and was very excited to be helping present the Lifetime Achievement Award to her. (Her favorite Shirley movie is "Curly Top.") It was Jamie Lee Curtis actually presented the award to Shirley. Dakota and Shirley were never actually on stage together, but the cameras cut to Shirley several times during Dakota's speech, and when Dakota said that no other actress would ever capture as many hearts, Shirley did a little wave, pointed to Dakota, and mouthed "you."

Then a short film was played, chronicling the life of now 77-year-old Mrs. Shirley Jane Temple Black: her screen deubt in the "Baby Burlesks" films when she was only three-years-old, to her breakthrough role in "Stand Up and Cheer," her tap dances with Hollywood legends (including Bojangles Robinson, Buddy Ebsen, Alice Faye, Jack Haley, and others), her films as a teenager and young adult, her life as a wife and mother, and her later political career (she served on the United Nations and was the US ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia.

Jamie Lee Curtis presented the Lifetime Achievement Award to Shirley and said that when she was a little girl, she knew that movies were fake since her own parents were actors, but she always believed that Shirley Temple's movie were real. "Since children are innocent until proven guilty, I believed she WAS the Little Princess, I believed she WAS Heidi!" Afterwards, Shirley took the stage while they played slow version of her hit song "On the Good Ship Lollipop." In her short but sweet acceptance speech, she said that she was out-of-breath from excitement and gave this advice to anyone who wanted to get their own Lifetime Achievement Award: "Start early!" She said that she had been excited to be an actress since she was only three-years-old and didn't even know what an actress was. She thanked everyone there, and she looked wonderful.
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